Friday, April 3, 2009

Moving out

Poor Karson, he's had to witness his parents' public displays of affection all his life. You'd think he would be used to it right now - I mean, really, they woohooed with him right there at the foot of the bed when he was a toddler... but it seems that even a passionate kiss is enough to make his gag-reflex kick in. (Sorry, I don't have a decent picture of Samantha as an elder yet!)

I guess even teenage heiresses aren't too old for their Daddy to read them to sleep.

Kohl is an ambitious teen, he's found himself a job.

What a great butler... he even fixes broken computers!

It seems that having an after-school job isn't enough for Kohl. He wants to get into private school, also. Here he is calling up the head master himself.

The basement is a fun after-school hangout for all the teens. Here we have Kelsie on the piano, Karson on guitar, Danica (a schoolmate) on bass, Keid banging on the drums, and Kohl and Kailee boogying the night away. Not sure where Kendra was during the mini-party they had down there.

I love this outfit on Kailee...

One of the girls that came home from school with one of the teens broke into the Smustle right there on the sidewalk. Not sure she ever even made it into the house. Weirdo.

Does Kendra have a secret admirer?

Ah... the head master has arrived. Darn thing was glitched, I replayed this day like 4 times and can't get poor Kohl into private school, because the HM just stands there after being greeted. Interactions just fade out. I gave up and tried to fix it in SimPE and it's a dang good thing Kohl isn't my heir, because now he doesn't have an aspiration. O.o

Karson has grown up into a handsome young man. He's chosing not to attend college at this point in his life.

But this house is too crowded. 3 adults and 5 teens is a lot of people for one house. Even with two bathrooms.

Kelsie gets along well with all her siblings.

Even if she does like to give Keid a hard time once in a while.

She really gets a kick out of it, especially when he isn't happy about it.

But she usually makes up for it later.

Joe tries to keep himself fit and healthy.

This picture looks like Kailee is getting ready to tell Daddy something he won't like, but it turned out she was just congratulating him on how many best friends he had. LOL

Karson decides the time has come to look for a place of his own.

So he sits down to the computer and checks out the online rental ads.

The whole family comes to wish him luck as he leaves for his new apartment across town.

At first, Karson doesn't look back on his childhood home.

But he can't help watching it fade into the distance as they drive away.

(Even though Kohl has a memory now of getting into private school, the teens still all go to school in their regular winter-wear. I didn't notice them changing their clothes before putting on their coats, so I don't know if they changed into uniforms or not.)

Maybe now that Karson has moved out, Keid will have a chance to woo some of the girls that come home with the teens after school.

Here we see Karson's new apartment on the other side of town. It's not much - just a bedroom, bathroom, living room and small kitchen.

But the young man wastes no time getting on the phone and calling up his favorite 3LB girl - Madison - and inviting her over.

Dang. She walked into the house and they immediately got naked on the couch. Seriously.

I guess they worked up an appetite.

After Madison left, Karson went downtown and met up with another girlfriend from his high school days, Mia. They made use of the photo booth at one of the local restaurants. Wink, wink.
(Madison and Mia were both aged up when Karson was. Possibly one other girl but I can't remember right now.)

While out on the town, Karson met up with Andrea Hogan. They had met a few times when he was still a teen, and Andrea didn't really want to have much to do with him. But she agreed to come back to see his new place.

Apparently she's changed her mind about what she wanted to have to do with Karson. I'd say his new apartment is well-initiated so far.


  1. I hope fixing the Headmaster glitch in SimPE didn't cause any other mishaps aside from Karson's missing aspiration. O__o Maybe you can fix that with the batbox or something. It can do aspirations, right? Or maybe you could use the cement mixer? I like those purple jammies. Do you recall where you got those?

  2. Ouch sorry to hear about your glitchy HM!
    Karson is a cutie!!! *waves by to Karson*
    Heh he is such a stud.
    Great update, the kids are all coming along nicely!

  3. Stoopid HM, I hate it when they get glitched. I usually just delete them with move objects then exit the house & re-enter.

    Good luck on your own Karson. It looks like you're doing fine!

  4. Karson grew into a good looking man. I stand by my comment that the Joes produce some good looking kids!

  5. *giggles* Teens are so weird about their parents behaving like loving adults. *grins*

    Congrats on the teen job, Kohl!

    *blinks* Butlers will do that? Cool. :-)

    Wow, Kohl's an ambitious one, eh? A job after school and taking it upon himself to woo the headmaster. You go, boy!

    Very cool basement mom and dad provided you rugrats with there. *cheers*

    Wow, Kailee does look awesome in that outfit!

    Is the love note for Kendra or someone else in the house? Who's been going out on dates? *peers*

    Eww, I've had the "HM Stands There Like An Idiot" thing happen to me before. :-( Never got it to fix either, the couple of times it happened.

    Oooo, Karson is a hottie!! *wolf whistles* He doesn't mind not going to school?

    Two bathrooms?!? My Shmoe house has 4 bathrooms and that's not enough!

    *grins* Glad to see Kelsie is really one of the family, despite not having been born into the family. :-D

    Good luck, Karson! I hope life on your own is everything you hoped it would be.

    The apartment may not be huge, but it's all his! *cheers* Heya Madison! *blinks* Whew, they really didn't waste time, did they. *grins*

    Karson, you dog. Getting it on with two women in the same day? *tsks* I take that back... 3 women. *boggles* Yeah, I'd say he's broken in his apartment just fine. *shakes her head and wanders off*

  6. Oh wow, lots of teens! And whoa, LOL. Looks like ACR kicked in as soon as they got to University. Breaking in that couch!

    As for the broken headmaster, do you have JM Pescado's lot debugger? It has a fixer on it for stuck/broken scenarios, particularly the headmaster one.