Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life Goes On

Kendra was building a sandcastle on their beach one morning, before the sun even rose. Before she could get it finished, she was surprised by a big dog with glowing yellow eyes. She wasn't sure at first if he was going to be friendly,

but before long the two were playing and having a good time. He stayed past sunrise, and didn't leave until she had to leave for school.

Joe and Samantha are enjoying their private beach.

The new butler they hired when they moved into their new house is a hard worker. Here he's trimming the flowers outside. He serves all their meals,

makes beds, takes out the trash, and more.

Karson invited Mia over for another date, which seems to have gone well.

Kelsie met a boy at school, Julio Charvat, who seemed to spark her interest.

And then Karson met Mariana. Lightning bolts flew! (His first 3LB match)

Things got pretty serious with her on their date, although neither of them will admit to having more than a crush on each other.

All the kids had to get their homework done,

but Karson got his done in time to have another date with Alyssa.

The inevitable has finally reached us. After drinking an entire vat of Elixir of Life, extending his life longer and longer, Joe has finally reached elder status. (He was soooo much older than Samantha when they finally got married, I had him drink the Elixir until he was only about 3 days older than her.)

Samantha and Kelsie spend some time on the beach together.

Kendra loves the new piano that one of Karson's dates left for him. So much that she wouldn't stop playing and come downstairs for her own birthday!

Kailee transitioned into a beautiful teenage girl.

The next morning, Kendra finally transitioned into a fairly nice-looking teen, as well. She was too tired after playing the piano the night before and refused to age up until she'd had some sleep.

This side by side comparison of the twins' profiles should explain why Kailee was chosen, rather than Kendra.

Here's Kohl, displaying his ONE nice point. (A good part of the reason he was passed over for heir, also.)


While Kelsie isn't a two-fisted drinker, she doesn't waste any time drinking just one instant meal at a time!

Do you recognize this gender-transitioned, aged-down-to-teen, LL Girl SimMe?

Or this gender-transitioned Sim-me?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Still Growing Up Schmoe

(Simmers note... holy cow it's taking these kids forever to grow up!!)

The Schmoe kids continue to get along well. Here we see Keid, Kelsie and Kailee having some lunch.

Keid had his birthday right after that, and unfortunately the picture of him was lost.

I wonder if Karson is taking notes from his parents?

Because here he is on a second date with Madison.

He's definitely got a healthy dose of teen hormones!

And yet he's still a really nice boy who loves his brothers and sisters. He comes home from his dates and goes to tuck in his sisters, all by himself.

All six of the Schmoe kids, just hanging out. I think they're talking about the new house they're about to move into.

The Schmoe family moved into a new house with beach access. Samantha appears to be enjoying just relaxing and watching the waves crash on their own private beach.

As well as a little creative outlet in the form of a sandcastle.

The kids are enjoying having a bit more yard to play in.

And a nice big dining room with room for all of them at the table.

Samantha also enjoys the apple tree in the front yard.

Oh look! It's Kelsie's birthday!

First order of business is a makeover. She actually kept her transition outfit, as it was pretty decent already. But the childish pigtails had to go.

Hmm... Karson appears to be on another date, this time with Alyssa. I believe this is lover number 3.

And Elizabeth is number 4??

Apparently, she is!

And now Kohl is having a birthday!

Oh good grief. This boy is in desperate need of new clothes. That will have to wait for the next blog entry, though!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Growing Up Schmoe

The bonuses Joe and Samantha earned made it possible to rebuild their house. Two stories had been ok, but they wanted a single story. It was just so much easier to take care of all the kids on one story.

Kelsie and Kohl

Finally a close up of Kailee for your viewing pleasure.

Keid enjoyed looking through the telescope. He sometimes wondered if he would ever see his other biological parent out there somewhere.

Karson was as helpful as a teen as he had been as a child. He still played with the little ones, and even helped with feeding and changing when he was needed.

Kelsie and Kohl enjoyed playing catch in the front yard while they waited for Mom to come home from work.

Meanwhile, Karson brought home a friend from school.

He and Mia shared their first kiss.

The attraction was undeniable.

And soon they found themselves in his parent's bed. They shared a lot more than their first kiss in there.
(Thanks for the surprise, ACR!)

The next afternoon, Madison came home with Karson. He was apparently a fairly popular young man.

Either that, or all the girls in his school are just sluts. :snicker:

(This simmer got distracted by the at-home dating of the eldest son and missed the twins' birthday. Here we find Kendra on the left and Kailee on the right.)

As first-born female of this generation, Kailee has been chosen as the G2 heiress! Here are her stats:

I sure hope she rolls a decent aspiration when she becomes a teenager!


Poor Kailee, stuck in the high chair. Literally. She doesn't seem to be very happy about it.