Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Joe Schmoe

This is a Legacy Land Founders Challenge. Joe Schmoe is the founder of this Legacy. He lives in Founders Lake, in a nice little place right on the shore. He doesn't have much, just enough to put down a foundation for the house he'll be building a little at a time, and a few sticks of furniture. The only walls he could afford enclose nothing but a shower and toilet. He's sleeping and eating under the stars.

Joe has a lifelong dream of becoming a Game Designer, but wasn't able to find a job in the field at first. He took whatever job he could do for a day or two until he was able to get in on the ground floor as a Noob.

Joe met a lot of people on a trip or two downtown to some local hangouts, including one lovely lady by the name of Beryl. They weren't really into each other, but they were soon friends.

(An aside here... Joe met a lot of ladies on his trips downtown. Here's a breakdown: Negative bolts - Beryl, Allie, and Tavia of my custom townies, Jill Fleig, Shelby Barrett and Camryn Lee of Maxis sims. Neutral (no negative or positive bolt action) - Ava Sorenson, Marylena Hamilton, and Andrea Hogan. 1 Bolt - Brandi LeTourneau, Christy Stratton. 2 bolts - Amanda Carlson and Allyn Thomason.)

Joe continued to work well at his job and was really excited to find out that Beryl was able to put in a good word for him.

One afternoon Joe met two girls when he was downtown, and he was really interested in them both. When he got home, he gave them both a call, just to chat. After talking with them both, he decided that he was going to ask one of them out. (Chatting with Allyn, gained 18 points toward the daily relationship. Chatting with Amanda, though he had 2 bolts, only gained 4 points toward the relationship.)

Allyn and Joe went out the next afternoon, on Joe's day off. They hit it off almost instantly.

By the end of the evening, things were moving along so well that Joe took a chance and asked Allyn back to his place. They didn't even make it out of the street before they were in each other's arms.

Allyn moved in that very night, got a job and started contributing to the home right away. (She only brought in §1, even though when he asked her how much money she had, her thought bubble was §§§. Rats!) It wasn't long before they two were in love and made the next step in their relationship.

Allyn's stats: Family - LTW Reach Golden Anniversary - OTH Nature
Joe's stats: Knowledge - Pisces - LTW Game Designer - OTH Tinkering


  1. Making out in the streets? Yowza! You go Joe!!

    I'm sure you thought of it but, if she thought she had §§§ did you check her inventory? She might have hidden her assets. *tee-hee*

  2. I was wondering the same thing as CeeCee. It's good to see that Joe is off to a rocking start.

  3. Ummm, she lied to you? Well at least they have walls now :)

  4. Aww ... congrats to Joe and Allyn. :O) Too bad she lied about the money though. I wonder why she lied? Hmm ... might be an interesting plot twist later on. ;O)

  5. Oh, hmm... no, I never even thought to check her inventory. It's probably empty though, she doesn't have any friends or anything! She had like 4 acquaintances but none of them had very high relationships. I've never seen a townie with so little information available, actually. Hmm... maybe that can work into an interesting twist in the story.

  6. It seems like the townies have been like that for me at least, since AL, I think. The pets, too--they used to have relationships with the other pound puppies, but they don't have anyone in their relationship box now. :-( Mayhaps a new glitch? Anyway, great classic legacy start! :-) Looking forward to more!

  7. Oops, I just remembered that I did check Allyn's inventory. A bottle of ReNuYu Portachug, and that's all.

  8. So, Allyn's a liar? At least they seem to be in love. Good start, Joe!

  9. yay! A new legacy! *claps* congrats Joe on being the newest sim on the block. :D And doing so well in your first few days too - WTG!
    Allyn's a cutie - sorry she probably lost all her simoleans in the big market crash :( And bummer about her LTW - that always takes forever to get to a silver anniversary. Of course, a handful of babies between now & then ought to keep her fairly happy! :D *cheers*

  10. A nice start. Its funny that the first girl he met was Beryl. Too bad they didn't hit it off, that would have been fun. But Allyn looks like a nice choice as well.

  11. (Copying my comment from the boards I'd posted back on 1/21 - hopefully I can put it here now too.)

    Nice luck on finding so many ladies (even if none of 'em were 3 bolts). And even better luck that his new friend Beryl was cousins with his boss!!

    Congrats on finding love so quickly! *whistle-cheers*

    For her thought bubble, maybe it had to do with her job? I think a high paying job can trigger the "rich sim" bubble.

    Whew, they sure didn't waste any time moving that relationship along, now did they? *grins*

  12. Wow - these two moved along quickly, huh?