Thursday, January 22, 2009

Settling in...

Joe and Allyn settled nicely into a quiet life together. They both went to work every day, working their way up their prospective career ladders. They still didn't have walls around most of their house, and winter arrived. Allyn loved the snow, and stopped to make a snowman as soon as she got home from work.

She must have really enjoyed making that snowman, because the very next night she made another. She didn't even bother to go up onto their bare foundation and see who Joe was chatting with. Joe had the day off and was just talking with a girl that had walked by earlier that day. She was just a teenager but she was pretty nice and they became friends quickly.

It turned out that Allyn wasn't the only one who loves snowmen. This cute little penguin came by and started trying to chat with one of them.

Allyn thought he was so cute, she had to go out and try to pet the little guy.

Their careers were going well, each of them having earned a couple of promotions, and they finally had enough money to hire a contractor to build some walls around the rest of their foundation. Joe was thrilled to come home one day and see a roof over the living room.

One of Joe's coworkers came home with home that afternoon, and offered him a new job in the military. Joe knew though that he was already in his dream career track and it wouldn't take long to work his way to the top, and declined the very generous offer.

Through the winter, Allyn had missed springtime, and flowers, even though she loved the snow, and as soon as she had enough money saved up, she bought herself a flower bench to learn how to arrange the new buds of spring. She really enjoyed working with those flowers, and was happy to be able to sell some of her creations for a little bit of profit. (Allyn's OTH: Nature)

They continued getting to know each other, and enjoyed spending time together, doing just the every day things that couples do. They hadn't made any commitments to each other yet though.

Both of them enjoyed searching for stars and constellations, and each of them earned simoleans for finding previously undiscovered stars and planets.

With spring came another past-time for Allyn. Butterflies! She loved trying to catch them in a jar to look at, but never had much success. Just being out in nature like that made her so happy. She was determined to take up hiking before long.

One day after work, Joe and Allyn were home doing their usual day-to-day stuff when suddenly, Joe called Allyn over and dropped to one knee.

Joe and Allyn started making plans, but other than that, things continued on as usual. They haven't set a date yet, but they seem happy together. Time will tell if things continue to go so easily for the pair.

(Allyn is family, and they are in love 100/100, but for some reason, she rarely spins up wants for Joe. She spins up wants to Ask on a date..., Kiss... Flirt... but it's always a faceless sim, not Joe. Is that weird?)


  1. ya that is weird .. I mean come on .. family sim and all .. well then again, it is Alynn, there is no telling what she will do next.
    Grats on the house! soon you'll have paint and flooring and ... wait you do have windows! Wowzers you're doing awesome

  2. Horray for Joe & Allyn! Soon the babies will start coming. It won't be too much longer before their house is really nice.

  3. rotf!! she's building a snow-army - watch out Joe! I love the penquin - he's SO cute!~ hehehe - and who did they tick off so quickly that someone is tipping over their trash can already?
    Congrats on the walls & a roof - I can't believe they survived the winter w/o one!
    oh & I like her new hair do! :D

  4. Well, I say let her take him out on a date ... she might roll up some romantic stuff for him and be dying to marry him after wards. :O))

    By the way, how do you get your found legacy blogs to show the icons for the places they come from (i.e., blogger, InsaneJournal, LiveJournal, etc.)?

  5. That penguin is so cute :) Congratulations on getting a roof! And on the engagement too!

  6. Penguins! I love those little guys. Looks like Allyn had fun in the snow. I agree with suziesim -- she looks great in that hairdo. Joe is really zooming along in your legacy! Go Joe!

  7. I guess it's a good thing Allyn loved the snow if their house doesn't have any walls still. *shivers* Wow, she REALLY loves snowmen, eh? *giggles* I love watching the penguin chat up my snowmen. :-D Looks like the penguin likes Allyn too. *cheers for cute penguins*

    Yay! They have WALLS!! *grins* Huh, I've never had a sim offer my sim a different job. Neat!

    Congrats on the flowerbench and playing with her OTH! Hehe, I think the nature hobby is my favorite of all of them. *nods*

    Congratulations on your engagement, Joe Schmoe! *cheers*

  8. Allyn is all into Nature and in one of the other Joe blogs, he gets with the main Nature chick--what is it with Joe and nature girls? Ha! Yay for the couple! Allyn's a cutie.

    The SuziCat

  9. She's building a snowman army! LOL! Will there be little Shmoe's soon???

  10. Allyn isn't into Joe? Strange...