Sunday, February 1, 2009

But are they happy?

Joe and Allyn went about their lives almost as if nothing had changed. It was almost as if they were strangers living in the same house and sharing the same bed. They talked, but it was never anything meaningful. Even when they would go out together, although they had fun together, the attraction just didn't seem to be there anymore.

(Sorry, I didn't get a picture for some reason!)

One evening, Joe was out at his telescope, as usual, searching for planets. He really enjoyed the activity, and had even discovered a couple of new ones for the Astronomical Society of Sims (ASS). The compensation was minimal but every penny helped. That particular night he was having trouble seeing between the clouds, and suddenly he was caught in a thunder storm. The light was blinding as his telescope was struck by a bolt of lightning, and the pain was almost unbearable. When he could move again, he went inside to take a shower and get some sleep.

He couldn't understand why Allyn was lecturing him, for pity's sake, he had almost died a few minutes earlier. You would think the woman would be grateful her fiancé was still alive!

Allyn decided to go shopping for wedding dresses one afternoon. She kind of hoped that trying on some wedding gowns would inspire her to do some wedding planning, because otherwise, nothing was happening.

She met Lauren, a nice enough girl, she supposed, but they didn't spend much time talking.

She also met Jescinda. She was really nice, and they chatted for quite a while. They made sure to exchange phone numbers, and the two thought they would become good friends someday.

It seemed that chatting with Jescinda had been a good idea.

Trying on wedding dresses:

Meanwhile, Joe came home from work with good news: He had received another promotion! He was almost to the top of his career. He was sure now that he would make it as a Game Designer before much longer.

That summer was filled with lots of thunderstorms, and one afternoon while both Allyn and Joe were away at work, lightning struck one of their telescopes, starting a fire.

Thankfully, the rain put the fire out with no damage.

Before long, the other telescope, up on the porch, also caught fire.

The rain continued though, and the fire on the porch fizzled, its heat dissipating and dying under the warm drops of water.

Would Joe and Allyn's relationship suffer the same fate?

(Do you recognize Lauren and Jescinda?)


  1. Oh dear all is not well in the sim world. I hope they can mend their relationship :(

  2. LOL The ASS huh? awesome acronym!
    /blinks ... she's lecturing him? that biotch!
    Pretty! I like the last wedding dress on the b.. erm on Allyn
    I recognized Jescinda, not sure if I recognized Lauren or not.
    Sheesh, life is kinda rocky for our Joe here... kick the wench to the side... she wasn't even happy he survived...

  3. Wow! The honeymoon is over and they aren't even married yet! Drop her, Joe!

  4. Aw, they seemed so happy in the last update, getting engaged and all that. I'm glad you went this route, though -- even if they do end up together, it's more interesting if they have some bumps along the way. Allyn looks lovely in those wedding dresses, and WOOT! to Joe with his career! He'll be designing The Sims 4 in no time. Off to read the next update!

  5. Man, that's harsh. The man is almost killed by lightning & she lectures him?!

    I really like that last wedding dress.

    Jescinda is Heather's Jess, but I don't know who Lauren is.

  6. My goodness!! Telescopes attract a LOT of lightning! Maybe you should put several lightning rods on the house. :O)) Hehe. But uh oh! Trouble in paradise!! Are you sure you want them together? ;O)

  7. So, why isn't Allyn a member of Astronomical Society of Sims? She sure was behaving like one! *snicker*

    Yikes, that is a lot of lightning. Too bad the lightning seems to be out between these two.

  8. wow - more lighting bolts on the outside than in, huh? Poor Schmoe! I love the shot of him all frazzled :D
    Congrats on the promotions Joe - if the chicka doesn't work out, maybe you'll be able to afford a mail order bride. lol!

  9. Ack, poor Joe getting fried while using the telescope. That's a rough break! I hope that Joe and Allyn find the spark again. Its so easy to fall into what is comfortable and routine.

  10. Aww, that's too bad that things don't seem to be working out between them!

    OMG, she lectured him for getting electrocuted?!?

    You know, if you're not at all excited for your wedding day, you need to figure -something- is wrong. But nice to meet someone who can help get you a higher salary at least.

    Uh-oh!! .... whew, okay, thank goodness it was still raining. *breathes a sigh of relief* Wow, two fires in the same storm? Yikes!

    And Joe and Allyn's relationship does seem to be burning itself out quite quickly.

    *comforts Kim's Joe* And whereas your Joe and Allyn's relationship is fizzling, my Joe's relationship with Anneke seems to have grown stronger with a bunch of kids running around under foot. (They've grown to 3 bolts!)

  11. Is the fire a sign of what's to come?