Saturday, March 7, 2009

Growing Up Schmoe

Joe and Samantha hadn't lost the passion. They were as in love as ever. Even with the little ones in the room, they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Toddler Spam! Kohl and Keid, cute as ever.

(I love this hair for him but after aging to childhood, it's TOO LONG! I want it this length. Phooey.)

Even a toddler in the room can't stop Joe and Samantha from getting their groove thang on.

They finally saved up enough to put siding on the outside of their house! They also bought another truck to replace the one that was stolen.

Samantha teaches Keid a nursery rhyme. She really loves that little guy. You can see that her third pregnancy is progressing nicely, also.


Karson continues to do well in school. He's a very happy little boy.

He loves to go fishing, so his Daddy had a pond put in the backyard.

Keid is such a cutie!

Karson is such a good big brother. He's always playing with the little boys.

It's Keid's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Keid!

Samantha seems to have a thing about food when she's pregnant.

And this time around she goes into labor in the bathroom, as so many Sims tend to do.

Keid and Karson are there to witness the birth.

It's a girl!

And another!

Welcome to the Schmoe family, Kailee!

Welcome to the world, Kendra!

Pink hearts float around this house a lot.

What a good daddy Joe is.

Kailee is so cute!

Samantha wants to have more children. She and Joe decide to adopt an older child.

Welcome to the family, Kelsie! (formerly known as Sharla Ottomas, whose family was townified and she was placed in the adoption pool.)

In the excitement of bringing Kelsie into the family, Kohl grew up without a birthday cake.

And so did Karson.

There were a lot of birthdays the day Kelsie joined the family! No sooner had Karson grown up, it was time for the twins to grow up as well. Here's Karson, helping Kailee blow out her candles.

And Samantha helps Kendra out next. You can see Kailee on the floor behind them, but I didn't get a decent picture of her. There may be one in the next chapter.

Toddler Kendra.

Joe and Samantha have both been doing well being in the top of their careers.

Woot! Maybe now they can get their house rebuilt to better suit them.


Talk about a birth defect!! Poor Kailee!

Does anyone recognize this gender-transitioned Sim-me?


  1. Why are male sims shorter than the females? *sighs sadly* Sometimes when the guys kiss the ladies like that ... it looks so ... ODD! O__o Hehe. But ... I envy the two of them. Wish I had someone in my life that I couldn't keep my hands off of. *is jealous*

    Karson is so cute. He's gonna be a heartbreaker when he becomes a teen.


    I was right. Karson's gonna be a heartbreaker. Romance sim ... woo! Okay ... what's his secondary? Anything interesting?

    AND WOW! Talk about luck with the chance cards!! That's over 100,000 simoleons! WOO!

    Kendra has her mom's nose.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! O__o I hate it when weird glitches do weird things to sims like that. *shudders*

    Mmmm ... is it Keth? Or mebbe ruby? *rubs chin in thought*

  2. dunno who the guy is.. but i know it aint me.. he's too light skinned.
    serious good luck w/ the cards! Nice haul wow
    kids are looking good! erm .. with the exception of that adopted kid .. o.O wow ... just ... wow..

  3. Birthday spam WOOT! They are all so cute :DD Congratulations on the 40000 haul!

  4. *ding ding ding* Yep, Ang got it right. It's Keth. Or in this case, Keith Wynn. *giggles*

  5. *boggles at all those kids*

  6. rotf!! Are you going to let him get to 10 kids right off the bat??! You're going to need another art table ifn they're not a bit more careful! ^_^ What are they up to now - a teen, two kids & 2 toddlers?!

    woot - welcome Kelsie! A token blonde in all that sea of dark headed children. Nope, nobody would guess that she's adopted.
    lol - love the hat Keith! I would've voted for CeeCee, her sim has that very determined look sometimes too. :D

  7. This is quickly becoming a full household. Karson is a cutie! Good looking bunch, all of them.

  8. Hehe, I love watching the toddlers interact with each other (and pets).

    Well, there's a bit of a close-up of Keid. And he definitely is showing his alien genes. *blinks*

    *chuckles at Joe and Samantha getting busy with a toddler in the room* My Joe and Anneke did that more than a few times too. *giggles* I even used one of the pictures, but the toddler was (mostly) cropped out of the picture.

    Yay for siding and a new pick-up truck! *cheers*

    Karson is absolutely precious, by the way. :D I hope he's chosen as your heir?

    Happy birthday, Keid! That hair's not so long though. It actually looks like it's really close to that picture of him in the high chair, I think. Actually, in the picture where mom's holding him, it looks a smidge longer! (Or is the shot of Keid as a child after you'd already changed his hair?)

    Hehe, I remember both mother and daughter in one of the off-shoot houses in my Vacha's both gave birth stepping out of the shower. *giggles* So far, Anneke has given birth anywhere but the bathroom.

    Yay for a girl! For TWO girls!! Welcome babies Kailee and Kendra! They look just like their mom, but with dad's eye color. :-D

    Welcome to the family, Kelsie! *cheers*

    Kohl is a good looking kid, bushy eyebrows notwithstanding! (They don't look so big on him anymore, actually.)

    Karson is a very cute teenager! :-D Romance? *giggles* Okay...

    Kendra's a cute toddler. *waves to the distant Kailee*

    WOW!!! Over §100,000 with 2 bonuses! VERY nice!! *claps* That will definitely make a difference in the house, which they absolutely need, given all the kids running around. :-D

    Yikes, that looks painful. *comforts Kailee* No clue who the gender-bending sim-me is though. *shrugs* Cute though! (From comments, I see it's Keth - Keth makes a stunning guy! *beams*)