Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Growing Up Schmoe

The bonuses Joe and Samantha earned made it possible to rebuild their house. Two stories had been ok, but they wanted a single story. It was just so much easier to take care of all the kids on one story.

Kelsie and Kohl

Finally a close up of Kailee for your viewing pleasure.

Keid enjoyed looking through the telescope. He sometimes wondered if he would ever see his other biological parent out there somewhere.

Karson was as helpful as a teen as he had been as a child. He still played with the little ones, and even helped with feeding and changing when he was needed.

Kelsie and Kohl enjoyed playing catch in the front yard while they waited for Mom to come home from work.

Meanwhile, Karson brought home a friend from school.

He and Mia shared their first kiss.

The attraction was undeniable.

And soon they found themselves in his parent's bed. They shared a lot more than their first kiss in there.
(Thanks for the surprise, ACR!)

The next afternoon, Madison came home with Karson. He was apparently a fairly popular young man.

Either that, or all the girls in his school are just sluts. :snicker:

(This simmer got distracted by the at-home dating of the eldest son and missed the twins' birthday. Here we find Kendra on the left and Kailee on the right.)

As first-born female of this generation, Kailee has been chosen as the G2 heiress! Here are her stats:

I sure hope she rolls a decent aspiration when she becomes a teenager!


Poor Kailee, stuck in the high chair. Literally. She doesn't seem to be very happy about it.


  1. omg that poor baby! LSHICB .. did you get her out or did you have to do a moveobjects on her?
    ooooooh your boy is a hussy! heh .. you go boy! ACR strikes again.
    the girls are cutie .. i like the one you have for the heiress best .. not that it matters what i like but erm .. ya .. hehe
    new house looks great Kimmy!

  2. DOH!!! That looks like it HURTS!!! Call the police! The butler is abusing your kidlets!!

    What're you calling Karson's dates sluts for? HE'S the romance sim! *LOL*

    The twins are so cute. :O)

  3. LOL at romance sims! Those are some nice stats for Kailee and OMG LOL that poor toddler!

  4. Nope, didn't have to moveobjects. The butler picked her up with no problem.

    Yep, I think Kailee is the cutest, too. Actually, she's pretty much a clone of Karson, I forgot I had to roll the pacifier for *each* session of game-play. Karson is such a sweetie, but I wanted an heiress rather than an heir, so I'm sort of glad, LOL.

    Don't get too attached to the new house though. ;-)

    I only called them sluts because they all end up making out (or more) with Karson on his first day of knowing them. LOL (I say "all" rather than "both" because there's more to come...)

  5. Karson is so hawt, the girls just can't help themselves!

    The girl twins are gorgeous. Yay for picking an heiress!

  6. bwuahahaa!! WTG Joe! He's gone from a no-roof shack to now having his own butler~! *claps* 'Cept this one keeps jamming the kids into the highchair the wrong way.

    aww - so Karson doesn't get to be heir, huh? That's too bad - at the rate he's going, he'd be perma-plat before he moved off to college! XDD
    The twins are gorgeous tho - I'm sure Kailee will spin something a bit more respectible!

  7. Hooray to Kailee for being the heiress. She is a beauty.

  8. Does Kelsie fit in well with her siblings, I hope? How's she handling being adopted by a family with so many kids?

    Kailee's a cutie!!

    A romance teen who likes taking care of his younger siblings? *boggles*

    Hello Mia! *waves* (Do we know what Karson's LTW is?)

    Oh my. *blinks* I ... don't think ACR lets teens fool around like that though, does it? (If it does, I must have it turned off in my game or something.) I would have thought that was the culprit of a love-bed. *nods*

    Hiya Madison! *waves* So, Karson's a playa, eh? *tsks*

    The twins are beautiful little girls! (Kailee is going to be a heartbreaker, I think!)

    Are you alternating genders for heirs? Or will it always be daughters?

    Dude, don't just stand there, get the poor little girl out of that toddler-eating high chair! *scolds the butler*