Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once you have babies... time flies!

When last we saw Joe, we wondered if he was putting on a little weight. We can see here that he has definitely been getting thicker around the middle!

The Schmoes were a happy family. Karson loved to listen to his mommy play the bass guitar. Joe loved having a little music while he ate a snack, which he seemed to be doing a lot lately.

All was right in their little world.

It was at this very moment that Joe realized perhaps his weight gain was more than just a bit too many late night snack attacks.

With the realization that their family was about to expand again, the Schmoes put a second story on their little house, which was quickly becoming too small.

What's this? Samantha is expecting again also? Good thing they added that extra footage on the house!

Joe met a friendly stray one evening as he was out looking through his telescope again. He hoped the dog would come back again but so far he hasn't seen the big fella.

Joe is feeling very... maternal... these days.

His bellows of pain frightened Karson, who went running to his mommy.

Welcome to earth, Keid! What a handsome boy you are!

Before they knew it, Karson was celebrating a birthday, and Samantha's pregnancy was progressing nicely.

Hello, big boy!

Samantha loved little Keid, and talked to Joe about adopting the little boy so they could officially be a family.

Time sure flies when you're tending babies right and left. Here comes #3!

Another handsome boy! Welcome to the Schmoe family, Kohl!

Yet another birthday sneaking up on them... Keid is about to be a toddler!

Samantha enjoyed spending time with all three of her boys. Teaching Keid to walk,

Helping Karson with his homework,

and she especially loved when he would come running and give her a hug when she got home from work every afternoon.

Determined to lose her pregnancy weight, Samantha works out whenever she gets a chance.

Apparently her well-toned body has attracted her husband's attention a few times. ;-)

Kohl's birthday, already?

Happy birthday, Kohl!

Joe's shirt didn't fare too well with the pregnancy wear-anything. That would explain his sweats and baggy t-shirts earlier in this chapter.


  1. babies, babies every where!! eeeeeeeep!!
    and omg she's preggers AGAIN?! dont they know by now where babies come from so they can stop having more? LOL
    the kids are adorable. I hope they have a girl this time.

  2. WOOO!!! Caught up :-) I'll just conglomerate comments here.

    I swear - if I see Allyn with my sims, they are steering clear! At least this version wasn't an addict like Ruby's Allyn. Whew. But still, it was so sad that they split up. At least they both had a happy ending, though, and parted amicably.

    These two, though. Lord have mercy, that's a herd of kids. Sooo cute, though. And I love the outtakes!

  3. Three sons and another child on the way? Good thing she didn't talk Joe into adopting, huh?

    Joe sure does make make beautiful babies doesn't he? :-)

  4. Aw, the boys are all growing up to be such cute little goobers, aren't they? =) Hopefully Joe and Samantha have a little girl this time to round things out.

    *chuckles at the outtake* Yeah, lots of the guys shirts have the pregnancy morph but none of the pants seem to have it.

  5. OMG kids! LOL at the mesh attack on Joes top.
    The babie/toddlers are all cuties :D

  6. Woot! So Keid won! :O) Yay! I love that alien skintone. :O) Hehe. Wow ... he's got a BIG head (or at least that's how it looks when his mummy is feeding him). :OD)) My ... what a busy household! Geez! Kohl has some very large eyebrows!! O__o

    I hate it when that happens. You have an outfit that's perfect ... and then it doesn't do pregnancy well. *sighs*

  7. zomg what a busy house!! I'm sure not even the parents get the kid's names right anymore! :D Karson's a cutey & I think Keid is too, but woof - those eyebrows on Kohl! *scoots the kid over to the mirror for a quick wax*
    I love the way the house is coming together, but I feel so bad for them & their bare walls still!

  8. Wow, sure are a lot babies. Karson is adorable! Heck they are all adorable and it looks like there is another one on the way!

  9. Glad to see things are going well here. :-D Whew, that was SOME belly bump!! *giggles*

    Yay for a second story! And yay for Sam being preggers again too! They did expand just in time.

    He's feeling very paternal, silly! Daddy's are allowed to be all tender and crap. *nods*

    Welcome Keid! *cheers* I'm guessing you have a default alien skin replacement? He doesn't look quite like my aliens. (I get to say I have aliens now!!! *boogies*)

    Karson grew up to be a little cutiepie! :-D

    Welcome baby Kohl! *cheers*

    Happy birthday, Keid! Do we get a closer picture of toddler Keid? *pouts*

    I'm glad to see Samantha is loving having her family. :-) Hehehe! Baby #4 on the way! *giggles*

    Happy birthday, Kohl! (We got to see a close-up shot of him! I think Keid should rebel. *nods*)