Saturday, February 14, 2009

Adding a limb to the family tree

Joe continued to dote on Samantha and their unborn child.

And the couple made sure to take time for themselves before their lives changed drastically.

Samantha continued to enjoy painting.

One afternoon she made herself some lunch, because her stomach was feeling a bit funny, and she thought she was probably just hungry.

But she barely touched the food at all,

Before suddenly realizing that it was more than just a funny feeling in her stomach!

Welcome to the world, Karson Schmoe!


  1. *waves* welcome Karson!!! woot! what a cutie patootie

  2. Awwww... *makes coochie coo noises* He's a real cutie.

  3. *points up* What they said!

  4. *makes disgusting oohs and ahs noises*
    What an adorable young man.

  5. yay! Welcome karson! And it looks like she got momma's coloring too! :D sweet!

  6. Awwww! What a cutie!!

  7. Samantha has some adorable maternity wear! (Why does she keep changing her outfits, but Joe doesn't?) Glad to see they're taking time to enjoy each other before the baby comes. :-D

    *blinks* She confused labor with being hungry? Lucky girl, to get a mild labor for baby #1! *grins*

    Welcome to the world, Karson! *cheers* What a little cutie. *tickles Karson under the chin*