Saturday, February 14, 2009

Burglary, Abduction and Birthdays, oh my!

The very first night of Karson's little life, Joe heard a noise at the front door.

He leaped from his bed, hurrying to the phone to call the police,

but not before the crook headed for his classic truck.

She sent her partner in crime away with the truck, planning to sneak back into the house, unaware that Joe was already on the phone.

The police arrived almost immediately, but unfortunately not before the truck had disappeared.

The officer managed to subdue the crook,

hauling her off to jail.

Joe was pretty steamed about his truck being gone.

The couple was making good money now, and decided to hire a butler to help out around the house while Samantha was on maternity leave. Things were quite busy with a new baby in the house!

Hudson even helped out with Karson now and then, giving the little guy a bath or feeding him while Mom took a much-needed nap.

Joe still liked to use his telescope whenever he had the time, and one night he was shocked when he was suddenly surrounded by a bright light.

Samantha woke up, hearing the noise, and ran to Karson's crib, both of them distraught over the sudden abduction of their husband and father.

A few nerve-wracking hours later, Samantha heard that strange noise again.

She ran outside to see a spaceship hovering above their street, and Joe collapsed on the ground!

There was a bright glowing light emitting from the opening of the ship. Joe was struggling to his feet.

Poor Joe kept rubbing his backside - something dreadful must have happened to him out there!

But it seemed he wasn't all that upset about it, realy.

Although, he did immediately go into the house and make love to his wife. Perhaps to remind himself of how things were supposed to be?

He was as romantic as always.

Before they knew it, Karson was celebrating his birthday.

Samantha helped him with the candles.

Uh oh... Joe ran out of the room all of a sudden. What could possibly make him run out in the middle of Karson's transition like that?

Karson was a smart little guy. It wasn't long at all before Samantha had taught him to walk,

Joe had taught him to talk,

and he was even potty trained.

Say, Joe... are you putting on a little weight, there?


A funny catch in the timing of hitting the pause button.


  1. Mwhahaha I love the out-take pic. And Karson is going to be a handsome dude. Did you get any reward money for catching the burgalar at all?

  2. Wow ... a little alien on the way. Hmm ... I think I oughtta buy my Joseph a telescope. >;O}

    It's the EXORCIST!!! GAAAAAAAH!! *snickers*

  3. Woot! Can't wait to see Joe's spawn!

  4. Woot alien spawn *claps*
    Karson is a cutie

  5. Karson is a cutie! and WOOT for Alien spawn!

  6. ALIEN SPAWN!!! Yeah!!

  7. *Giggles maniacally*
    Good-bye Joe. Hello alien spawn.

  8. ohnoooooz! not the burglar! just when they're getting some $imoleans saved up! :( I hate when they steal the car! :P it's really a stretch getting it stuffed in that little bag of theirs!
    but YAY!! for abductions! *claps* Now we'll get to see what a Green Joe Jr. looks like! *claps*
    *giggles at the spaceship memory hovering over the infant* Woot! Karsen's gonna be a heartthrob!

  9. Another Joe abduction! Wow! Karson is adorable!

  10. Oh no!!! The thief is stealing his CAR?!? That -sucks- that they got away with his pickup truck. :-( Glad the one thief got caught though. (Nice explanation for the truck vanishing. *giggles*)

    Wow, I think this is the first of the Joe's to afford a butler, isn't he? Good job!

    Yay for an abduction!! *cheers* Glad Joe got returned to Samantha and Karson, safe and sound though. *snickers*

    Happy birthday, Karson! Gee, I wonder what could make him run to the bathroom and curl over the toilet bowl like that. *looks innocent*

    Karson is an absolutely adorable toddler!

    ACK! She's POSSESSED!!! *makes a sign to ward off evil and backs away from Samantha*