Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Schmoe

Samantha glowed brighter as each day passed, taking her closer and closer to her due date.

Joe was ever attentive to her needs, and spent plenty of time talking to their unborn child. He was looking forward to being a father!

One evening, Joe surprised Samantha with a night out on the town. They would take it easy, considering her pregnancy and how quickly she might tire out, but they would have a wonderful evening.

They arrived at the restaurant where they had gone on their first date in time for their dinner reservation, and were seated almost immediately.

They enjoyed a lovely meal, especially since neither of them had to cook or clean up.

Afterward, Joe took Samantha downtown. When they arrived in front of the courthouse, Samantha was perplexed. What were they doing here?

Joe took Samantha inside the court room, and there before a judge, the pair exchanged simple vows and rings, pledging their fidelity and love to one another.

They arrived home, still taking in the fact that they were now married.

Joe leaned over, unable to resist kissing his wife one more time before getting out of the truck.


  1. Awwww! omg .. I can't say anything else.. just a whole bunch of awwww!!
    Okay i need to brush my teeth now. that was just way too sweet!

  2. Soooo sweet.
    You can take pregnant ladies downtown now? When did that happen?

  3. Yay! Now we need babies!

  4. Yay Joe! AWww, that is so sweet.
    (and I didn't know you could take pregnant ladies downtown.... good thing they can't go into labor while on an outing -- that would be a little TOO realistic!) LOL

  5. Yay! Aw, what a sweet way to tie the knot. So much nicer than a quickie trip to Las Simgas (though the spangles and Elvis imperSimnators will be sorely missed). Samantha looks lovely in her maternity wear (not like she didn't look lovely before)

  6. Oy! How is it that she was able to go to a community lot PREGNANT?! I thought that wasn't allowed! Did that get changed?!

    I do like that outfit Samantha is wearing. :O) It's cute with a pregnant tummy. :O)

  7. Oh they are so cute together. I can't wait to see the baby!

  8. Wow, what a pretty maternity outfit! That last pic is just too cute!

    The SuziCat

  9. Aww, I love the last pic, too! Just sweet as can be. Yay to Joe for the suprise wedding ceremony at the courthouse! And I love his pick-up. :D

  10. huh? I guess the last chapter was the engagement? my bad! :") Well *whew*! I'm glad they got that taken care of! *throws environmentally approved wedding rice*
    And I agree - that's a GREAT looking maternity dress!

  11. Joe is such a sweetie, looking at his heavily pregnant wife so well. Nice that he's giving her a night out on the town before the baby ties them to the house.

    Yay for getting married before the baby arrived!! (I guess this is the quicky wedding Suzie mentioned in the previous chapter's comments. *grins*)

    Very very sweet together. *melts*