Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trying is not always succeeding

Allyn and Joe continued to grow apart. There wasn't really anything causing it, the attraction between them just seemed to be fading. (They dropped from 2LB to 1LB, and never spin up wants about each other, even on dates.)

Even when they were enjoying the same activity at the same time, they were just in the same vicinity. They weren't doing it together.

One afternoon, Joe was downtown while Allyn was at work and his eyes fell on a woman and he felt as if he'd been struck by lightning, twice. He didn't even go and talk to the woman, but the feeling he experienced made him wonder if there wasn't something, or someone, out there that was a better match for him. And someone else that was better for Allyn than himself.

Later, at home, Joe and Allyn tried to rekindle some passion in their relationship.

But even that didn't seem to do anything for them.

They both agreed that while they loved each other, they might not necessarily be in love with each other anymore. They didn't make any decisions that would make any big changes in their lives yet, they just both knew that change was coming, and probably soon.


  1. Gah, Joe! Don't go falling for her. Geez, go from a cold fish to a preggers?
    /bangs head on desk
    /comforts Joe and Oydie

  2. Ummm... Joe? That chick you're all attracted to? That's Samantha Ottomas. She's pregnant -- with twins, Joe. TWINS! And unless she got herself townified, she also married.

    Joe, hon? Go call the Match Maker and get yourself a date!

  3. Poor Joe and Allyn. At least they're communicating with each other! I hope they're able to find happiness somehow, even if they have to break up. And LOL at DebC...yeah, a pregnant married woman would be bad for Joe. But I have a feeling his attraction to her just woke him up. He didn't even talk to her, after all.

  4. Oh boy. It looks like Joe & Allyn are soon to be splits. Hopefully he'll find someone besides Samantha Ottomas who lights his fire.

  5. I'm glad they're both being so mature about it. :O) I'm happy that they both came to the same conclusion. *nods*

  6. I have my suspicions about that Ottomas woman. She seems to follow guys home from work. A lot! And I've had several of my Simmies go all ga-gah over her.

    Too bad about Joe and Allyn though.

  7. buwhahahaha - too funny CeeCee, I hadn't realized it, but yeah, that Ottomas chick comes home with my sims alla time! And you know she's gotta pee & she's starving, so I usually just send her home! XDD
    I'm sorry to see that Joe and Allyn don't seem to be sparking together anymore, but it's nice to see that they're being honest with each other. Course, when Joe asks for that ring back, Allyn might get a little ticked off! lol!

  8. LOL! Joe feels attracted to the pregnant chick! Way to go Joe! But it is sad that he and Allyn don't seem to be hitting it off. :(

  9. Poor Joe and Allyn. :-( Hopefully they'll accept the inevitable before it's too late. (My RL ex-fiance and I went through something similar; thank goodness we realized we were no longer in love before we got married!)

    Hmm, yeah, if he's finding strange random pregnant women more attractive than his fiance, something is definitely wrong. Even fooling around doesn't spark any interest? Yikes, very much time to move on, you two.

    *sighs* That's so sad. :-( The end of a relationship is always sad and hard to deal with. But if it's just not there, then it's just not there. *comforts Joe*

    (Do you have that hack that makes it easier to break up with someone? I keep wanting to use it, but all of my sims are so disgustingly happy together. Even the ones who cheat on each other!)

  10. NO!!! Legacies are supposed to be happy!