Monday, February 2, 2009

The lightning bolts of change

Allyn was in town, just doing some shopping. She started chatting with a nice young man (not pictured) and it wasn't long before he suggested that she meet a man he knew. Seems he thought they would really get along well. Surprised, but intrigued, she agreed.

When Neil walked in, her heart skipped in her chest. (3 LB)

They talked so easily, it was as if they had known each other forever.

Someone called Joe on the phone, their voice disguised, and proceeded to tell Joe that Allyn had been seen downtown with another man. The fact that they were probably in the process of ending their relationship wasn't public knowledge yet, so whoever was calling thought they were causing problems.

Joe, while surprised that Allyn had been out with someone so soon, wasn't surprised to find that he really didn't have any negative feelings about it.

Allyn couldn't help herself. She had to see Neil again. She came home from work the afternoon after meeting him and called to invite him over. He was as anxious to see her as she was to see him, and hurried right over.

They spent the whole afternoon talking and joking and even flirting.

By the time the sun set, they were both feeling the heart flutters. (No input from me - they did this on their own.)

Joe continued his love of searching the skies, and invested one of his promotion bonuses in a nice high-powered scope that far out-performed the ones he already had.

Downtown one afternoon, Joe was chatting with some friends when he saw her.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had to meet her. He excused himself and walked right over and introduced himself.

Samantha Taylor. Even her name was beautiful. He felt those same double-lightning bolts he had felt a few days earlier that had woken him to the thought that maybe someone else was out there. He had a feeling he had just found her. He asked her to dance, an innocent enough gesture, yet, the feel of her in his arms was pure heaven.

Samantha appeared to feel the same way.

Daring to touch her more intimately, Joe caressed her cheek and asked if she would go on a date with him, that very minute.

She agreed, and they went to a quieter location than the club they were in so they could talk more quietly. It didn't take long before they couldn't even keep their hands off each other. (All through ACR, no input from me.)

Yes, it certainly appeared that Samantha had fallen for Joe at first sight.

Joe suggested they have their pictures taken in the souvenir booth nearby, but it seemed that Samantha had other ideas for their use of that privacy curtain.

Joe was in love.


For your viewing pleasure, our friend Bryn Bluestone. I think she's Beryl Turquoise's great-aunt or something. ;-)


  1. holy boop Allyn had 3 bolts with that old man? omg omg omg and then Joe went and had public WH with her? *facepalm*
    okay so they are definitely splitting up ... but what are you going to do in the meantime? play both of them? send Allyn back to townism? can you do that? golly gee Kimmy!

  2. Yeah, and Allyn had 2 bolts with at least 2 other old men! She's got a thing for maturity, I guess. I haven't decided yet what to do with her.

  3. Well at least they are both happy :D and Samantha is cute!

  4. Horray for multiple lightning bolts!

    Hopefully Joe has found twue wuv this time.

  5. Wow ... 3 bolts for an old geezer!! O__o Guess she goes for the old ones ... must be their experience or something. :O)) Hehe. Is Joe absolutely sure about this new woman? He had 2 bolts with his last lady.

  6. Yes, I believe Joe has found his true love this time. These two can't keep their hands off each other, and are constantly spinning up wants about each other. With Allyn, even though she was family, she would spin up a want to flirt or kiss, but it was always a blank sim, not Joe. With Samantha, it's Joe. I've got about 3 more entries' worth of photos waiting to be blogged. :-D

  7. Yay! :O) Better than me. In photobucket I have about 14 pages worth of photos that need blogging. :OD))

  8. Yay for the right Sims finding each other! :-)

  9. Wow! Great googly-moogly. They both found their true loves. At least this way neither of them will be lonely.

  10. Rotf!! Now, are you going to move them all in & build a Duplex?? ^_^ Maybe Allyn's got "grey hair" as a turn on, huh?
    And Samantha is gorgeous! I hope she's got more than the single simolean that Allyn moved in with! :D

  11. Well, I'm glad that they both seem to have happiness. It seems like since they are both on the same page in regard to how they feel for each other they should be able to move on maturely. Should, but will they I wonder.

  12. Hmm, well, you know what, honey? If Neil makes your heart skip and your stomach do flip-flops and Joe doesn't? It's time to give back the ring and move on.

    Well, I wonder who the trouble-maker was who was trying to cause problems for our Joe. *narrows her eyes suspiciously*

    Gah, Allyn, at least break up with your fiance first, will ya? (Yeah, don't you love ACR? I had a gay couple living in an apartment building and -both- of the women wound up having an affair with a third woman who lived in the building! *cackles*)

    Well, well, is our Joe maybe possibly finding his One True Love? *crosses her fingers* Ooo, he does like her! Yay! I hope the date goes perfectly!

    (That's how my Joe met his Anneke - he was at a club and I had him talking to all the women, thinking he'd figure out who he liked later and ACR kicked in and they wouldn't keep their hands off each other the rest of the night. *grins*)

    Here's hoping Joe and Allyn can split amicably enough and both can be with the people they really want to be with! *crosses her fingers again*

  13. I find it really interesting that in one game, Joe can be really happy with Allyn, in another (this one) they are not so much, and in my game, he barely noticed the Allyn who was there... even though she was on all the lots I sent him to to find women. (Allyn = Joe's Official Stalker?)

    I hope they both are happy with their new people and can be friends in the future. They both deserve to move on and be happy.

    (And yay for Joe staying away from that Ottomas woman!)

  14. Woo, go Joe! Samantha is lovely. I hope both Joe and Allyn can be happy now. Off to read the next one!

  15. Samantha is Daisy in my game and Joe choose her also....