Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life goes on

Joe and Allyn talked, and both knew the time had come to end their relationship. They had both found love, and it was time to move on. Allyn and Neil stood outside the door to the home she and Joe had shared, Neil there in support of the woman he loved. Allyn was nervous, even though they had ended their relationship on a friendly note, and she needed Neil there for her.

Neil assured Allyn that she could go in, just get her few things, and be done with it, and ready to move on to her life with him.

Allyn had taken her things and left, without a word to either Joe or Samantha. She had already said her goodbyes with Joe. And what did she need to speak to Samantha about? Joe was the only thing they had in common, and Allyn had nothing more than a fading fondness for the man.

Joe wasted no time asking Samantha to move in, and she accepted happily. (She brought in over §10,000 plus a well-stocked inventory. She also brought a lot of friends and was already at the top of her career - Hall of Famer. Jackpot!)

Encouraged, Joe dropped to his knee and asked Samantha to marry him. He had a whole little speech about it being so soon after Allyn had moved out, and so soon after they had met, but he truly felt he had found his soulmate in her, wanting to spend the rest of his life with her, yada yada yada. Samantha found it all very romantic...

and responded with a resounding YES!

It wasn't long before Samantha noticed that she was hungry all.the.time.! She couldn't figure out what was going on.

Every chance they got to be together, this couple was dancing, hugging, talking, playing, you name it.

One winter afternoon, Joe came home from work, shouting with glee!

Not only did he make the right choice regarding a fantastic opportunity, it gave him a fantastic bonus!

And the very next afternoon, Joe had another surprise coming!

Samantha had been finding herself more and more tired all the time, especially as they worked to get some paint and wallpaper on their walls, with the bonus Joe had brought home. Joe offered to make breakfast.

They didn't have a dining room table, but they could sit together on the couch, eating pancakes and talking about anything and everything.

That morning over breakfast, Samantha told Joe, a little hesitantly, that she suspected she was pregnant. She was unsure what his reaction would be, as they weren't yet married, and was so happy to find out that he was thrilled.

Her pregnancy progressed without comment. Never any morning sickness, her energy levels were good, and she hardly had any back pain. Before she knew it, she was in her third trimester.


And now, a funny glitch for your amusement. Joe had stepped over next to the bass while Samantha was playing, and she stepped out into the exact same spot. Is there any question of whether these two will become one? *giggles*


  1. well gosh, no drama.. I mean i know they weren't in love any more but .. no drama.. none.. zilch.. amazing!
    Joe hit the jackpot with this girl! lucky guy!!
    /bounces she's preggers!!
    holy boop is she ever *snickers*
    okay can i just say that picture is scary. after seeing that, maybe they shouldn't have kids o.O LOL

  2. WOOT for wallpaper and congratulations on scoring the jackpot with Samantha :DD

  3. Joe picked a winner! In Samantha and in his career.

    Holy cow, these folks need to get hitched so the baby will be a Schmoe.

  4. Quick Joe, make an honest woman out of her or the baby will be the best man/maid of honor! lol

  5. Congrats to Allyn for taking that big step and admitting that she and Joe's relationship is over. Now she and Neil can move into their own place and be happy. As Joe's job performance shows, he's certainly happier now Samantha is with him all the time. Good thing that he and Samantha are at the top of their careers; they're going to need the extra money now that the little one is on its way (possibly concieved during that ill fated merging at the bass?) Better make a midnight run to Las Simgas to make things legal before generation 2 makes its appearance.

  6. YAY!!! No more Allyn! And WOW!! Samantha is TOTALLY the jackpot! Over 10,000 simoleons and a fully stocked inventory! I'm JEALOUS! And Joe got a 17k bonus?!! WOO!!! Fantastic!! Heh ... I had that "two become one" glitch happen once. :O)) It was ... umm ... interesting. :O))

  7. Joe definitely scored with Samantha's haul but I'm glad they are so happy together. And a little one is on the way!

  8. I'm glad they were able to get a new fridge! That old one was pretty ratty! :-) Yeah, that glitch is always bizarre when it happens, that and when you pause the game and somebody's head happens to be turned all the way arond backwards! Creepy!

  9. LOL at the glitch! I've had that happen before, but this one was so appropriate! I'm happy for Joe hitting the jackpot. Samantha does seem to be his One True Love. Congrats on fulfilling his LTW and getting that sweet bonus! Little Schmoes on the way...

  10. How did they breakup so easily???

  11. lol! Out with the old & in w/the new, huh?! That joe doesn't waste any time fersure! *claps* congrats on the quickie wedding - looks like they were just in time too!

  12. Well, I'm glad they ended things amicably (and before kids were involved). That's sweet that Neil was there for Allyn and Samantha there for Joe in this trying time.

    Yay for new love! (And congrats on getting someone truly loaded with both money, item, friends, -and- career!!) Double-yay for engagements!

    But dude, she came in loaded. The least you could have done was put up some wall paper or paint. *tsks*

    They are very sweet together. :-D

    Congrats on the good chance card and the LTW. *cheers* Now put up some siding! *giggles* Well, at least you're getting stuff on the walls inside. ;-)

    Yay for a little Shmoe on the way! (Assuming they get hitched, of course.)

    *shudders at the glitch* That's a little creepy though. *grins*

    *glances at Suzy* What quickie wedding?